Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen cabinet carpenter

Customised Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

Customised kitchen cabinets are not only the perfect storage solution but can also allow you to showcase statement kitchenware while hiding clutter. In addition, whether you would like integrated kitchen appliances or design spaces for stand-alone appliances, our fully customisable carpentry allows you to build your dream kitchen.

This would ensure an optimal layout with sufficient counter space for meal prepping, as well as easy access to all your ingredients and appliances including the fridge, making for a most enjoyable cooking experience.

For the post-meal clean up, customised kitchen carpentry can not only house a generous sink, but can also incorporate appliances such as a concealed dishwasher.

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Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are a popular feature in modern kitchens for their practical and aesthetic value. They can often serve as a visual focal point of the kitchen, and a place to integrate appliances and storage in the kitchen. A strategically placed island can help to optimize the relative positions of the stove sink, and refrigerator, making for a highly efficient preparation and cooking experience.

In addition, they provide increased counter space, allowing you plenty of space to prepare your hearty meals. They often also allow you to prepare meals and entertain at the same time. This is especially true for people who love to cook with their loved ones gathered in their kitchen around an island!

Furthermore, many kitchen islands are often used as a secondary seating area, for those quiet breakfasts in the morning. Whether you would like an expandable island that can transform into an informal dining area, or a breakfast bar, custom kitchen islands might be a solution for you.

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Countertop Materials

Countertops are an essential part of every kitchen. They provide counter space for preparing food, as well as for appliances to be placed in the kitchen. They also often cover a relatively large surface area. As such, in designing your kitchen, the choice of countertop material is a major consideration. It not only affects the look of the space, but has great implications on the functionality and maintenance of your counter. In choosing your countertop material, you might wish to consider some of these variables as it relates to your lifestyle and the demands of your kitchen and counter– durability, maintenance, resistance to heat and stains, aesthetics.

If you enjoy cooking and will be utilizing your kitchen and countertops heavily, you might wish to prioritize durable materials such as quartz tops which are more resistant to scratches, stains and even heat. On the other hand, if you have always wanted the aesthetics of a natural stone countertop, you might need to factor in time and resources for maintenance going forward.

Furthermore, some materials can be more suitable for your space than others, depending on other elements of the kitchen design.

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Estimated Prices

Kitchen CabinetsEst. Price
Kitchen top and bottom cabinetfrom S$260 pfr
Island kitchen cabinetfrom S$250 pfr
Kitchen cabinet doorfrom S$90 per unit
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