Storage Cabinets

Storage Cabinets

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Customised Storage Carpentry

Storage Cabinets

A minimalist home can only remain so if there is a place to hide clutter or put things away for when we are not using them. Built-in storage cabinets allow us to make full use of whatever space we have in our homes, even in awkward corners that might not fit off-the shelf storage solutions.

In addition, customized storage cabinets allow us to configure internal storage spaces according to the needs of the user and space, ensuring that you have a space for everything whether you are a creative who needs to store your materials or a globetrotter who needs space for all your off-season clothing and travel essentials.

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Nothing beats holding a physical book in our hands, and all the bookworms out there know the satisfaction of keeping a book collection. If you have always dreamed of building a home library, or home office, custom bookshelves can be part of your carpentry plan for your new home remodel. This will allow you to maximize available space for your books, and also often allow you to install good lighting that would enhance your reading or office space.

built in wall library
book storage cabinets
low kids bookshelf

Shoe Cabinets

It seems we can never have enough shoes, and so never enough space to store our shoes. Custom shoe cabinets allow us to make full use of space around electrical boxes, or integrate seating or surface space in an entrance foyer seamlessly. They can even form a visual feature or serve as a partition between different spaces of a house. Functionally, the internal configuration can be entirely customised and adjustable, ensuring that everything from knee-high boots to flip-flops can be stored away.

layered shoe drawer
japanese shoe storage
shoe storage tray

Estimated Prices

Storage CabinetsEst. Price
Storage Cabinet (full height)from S$285 pfr
Bookcase (full height)from S$380 pfr
Shoe cabinet (full height)from S$260 pfr
open niche
hobby display cabinet
living room display
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