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Customised Wardrobes & Closets

Built-in Wardobes

Built-in wardrobes are efficient ways to get the most storage out of your space. Whether you have an awkward corner in your floor plan you would like to conceal, or simply would like a one of a kind wardrobe, we can bring your vision to life. Your built-in wardrobe will not only integrate seamlessly into your space, it even allows you to build layers of lighting within your space.

In addition, built-in wardrobes allow for specific organizational needs for the interior. Aside from the shelves, drawers and rails, the possibilities for internal compartments are endless with a built-in wardrobe. If it has always been your dream to have a power-connected hairdryer drawer or customized lit shelves for your shoes and bags, built-in wardrobes are certainly a solution you can consider for your space.

We provide a range of high quality materials and finishes which you can choose from that fits your vision for your dream home.

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Bedroom Wardrobes & Closets

Built-in bedroom wardrobes offer a practical, aesthetic and efficient solution for many. In smaller rooms or spaces, built-in wardrobes or closets allow you to utilize every inch of precious space available. In larger spaces with higher ceilings, built-in wardrobes and closets not only allow you to make full use of vertical height, it often spares you from having to clean the dusty top of a freestanding wardrobe.

Furthermore, built-in bedroom wardrobes allow you to customize the heights, rails, drawers and lighting needs of each section based on your needs and lifestyle. Just as no two individuals are the same, no two individuals’ closet needs are the same– whether you love your dresses, tees, shoes, handbags or watches, a built-in wardrobe allows you to ensure that your items have a home in your home.

Aside from the achieving utilitarian objectives of storing our items, bedroom wardrobes and closets are also an integral part of the aesthetic solution in a bedroom. After all, our bedrooms are one of the rooms we spend most time in. Our built-in solutions are available in a wide range of materials and finishes, to ensure that your bedroom wardrobe and closet works in tandem with other elements of your bedroom to be the safe space where you can retreat to after a long day.

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minimalist mahogany wardrobe
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Walk-In Wardrobes

A well designed walk-in wardrobe not only helps to maximize the available storage space for all your clothes, footwear and accessories, it serves as a place where we can get dressed and ready for our days. Depending on your needs and self-care routines, your walk-in wardrobe can be fully equipped with bespoke furnishings, from full length mirrors, beautiful footstools and even a seating area.

Whether you are building your new home or trying to repurpose that spare bedroom to better access all your items, the bespoke walk-in wardrobe could be for you. It can help you organize and showcase your items, allowing them to bring greater joy in your life.

Your walk-in wardrobe can be your sanctuary in the home, and we have a wide range of materials, colors, fixtures and finishes to suit the theme of your home.

glass sliding modern
open walk in wardrobe
ladies walk in wardrobe

Estimated Prices

Full-height WardrobeEst. Price
With laminate casement doorsfrom S$280 pfr
With laminate sliding doorsfrom S$360 pfr
With aluminium sliding doorsfrom S$380 pfr
Walk-In WardrobeEst. Price
Full-height with PVC internal lining and ABS edgingfrom S$250 pfr
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